23rd February 2019 | New dates announced!

Can't wait until then? Check out our November talks!

What is Mathscon?

Mathscon is a series of science events, consisting of a conference and a networking social. It is directed at undergraduates, young researchers and science lovers in general. Each event aims to expose the public to a broad range of aspects and applications that make Mathematics so beautiful.

Keynote Speakers

Passionate about both Mathematics and TED Talks? You’ll find nothing cooler than our Mathscon Keynotes given by stars in their fields.

Panel Discussions

Listen to experts’ opinions about key questions that have troubled scientist for centuries.


What better way is there to celebrate Mathematics than to have fun with some of its cool applications?


Socialising with people with a common interest is a key to success, whether you want to go into industry or academia.

New: November Talks!

This November, Mathscon will be hosting talks at three of our partner Universities, Bath UCL, and Warwick.
Each talk will explore a wonderful application of maths and will be given by a leading academic from the university.
Each talk will be an hour long, with time for a Q&A. The talks are free for all - so come along! You can learn more by heading to the Facebook page for the events linked below.

UCL: November 21st, 15:00

Prof. Karen Page

Prof. Karen Page

The Mathematics in Modelling Embryonic Development

Warwick: November 27th, 18:00

Dr. Vicky Henderson

Dr. Vicky Henderson

Mathematics in Behavioral Economics: gambling till the bitter end

Bath: November 28th, 18:00

Prof. Jennison

Prof. Christopher Jennison

Why random is good: The statistics of clinical trials



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